gitlog 2019-07-06

An automated summary of what I've been working on for the last few weeks. Next upload should be any day now.

faab494 2019-07-06 Pause game when options menu is open
beb8266 2019-07-06 Allow placement of installations that block access
67b626b 2019-07-06 Explosion-proof constructions are now also non-teleportable
7bbc44f 2019-07-06 Implement blockable explosions
1a07270 2019-07-05 Document entities module
910389b 2019-07-05 Fix various minor issues with explosions
550adb5 2019-07-04 Implement different kinds of howling effects for ghosts/xplodebots/slimb blobs
946713f 2019-07-02 Assets for xplodebot/slime blob
d3dd5c6 2019-07-02 Validation can now result in an explosion
491545d 2019-07-02 Validation can now result in an explosion
eb9840e 2019-06-28 Implement explosion when two entities somehow translocate inside one another
9f9c17f 2019-06-26 Implement explosions and related particle effects (explosions not actually triggered by anything)
d5350c2 2019-06-26 Update layout of action menu
df88b60 2019-06-26 Improve teleportation visuals
e5967e8 2019-06-22 Update floor textures
668a2f6 2019-06-22 Track assets
abc2a96 2019-06-20 Fragment shader: implement a gamma-space recoloring pass for grayscale sprites
36350fa 2019-06-20 Rotating sprite visuals for litter
050eeed 2019-06-20 Implement falling for litter left behind by translocation
9399ad6 2019-06-19 Fully working translocation catapult
e7d1476 2019-06-18 Add translocation catapult installation
24a7e2c 2019-06-18 Pass materials by reference instead value, saving much memcpy
99b6d7a 2019-06-18 Implements visualization chunking

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