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This is Time Spiders v0.0.5, the third published technical demo. To keep up with the latest updates, follow me here on itch.io, or follow @itsybitesy on twitter.

Space, Time, and Bright Colorful Spiders

They live, work, and die on a time machine they didn't invent and can't control. You are their Overlord. Help them learn, grow, and thrive.

The Claw

Use the Claw Tool to assign each spider a work area, or send them away for food and building materials. Balance risk and reward by growing your population or hoarding critical resources. In Time Spiders, every task must be accomplished using tools and resources physically present on the map. If you over-extend yourself, your spiders will suffer.

The Journey

The time spiders encounter opportunities, and dangers, in each time zone they visit. During their journey, spiders will witness the rise of the first single-celled organisms and dying of the last stars.

Many of these environments are hostile. To succeed, you'll need to expand the time complex, build new machines, manage the water supply, grow food, guard against dangerous organisms, and launch vessels that transport goods and spiders across the map.

Where We Came From

Time Spiders was inspired by both the early "sim" games like SimEarth and SimAnt, as well as modern building games like Minecraft and Space Engineers. But most people will probably recognize it as a management game in the vein of Rimworld or Factorio.

Where We're Going

The next version of Time Spiders will include:

  • More varied and interesting terrain
  • Greater variety of foods for spiders
  • More environmental dangers for spiders
  • Certain improvements to spider AI
Previous Updates

v0.0.5 (2019-07-27):

  • Learn more about each time zone you visit
  • Added pumps to quickly move fluid resources around the map
  • Pickup and drop some installations (not just spiders) using the claw
  • Stockpile solid resources and move then using the claw

v0.0.4 (2019-07-17):

  • Doubled the playable area of the map
  • Added player-buildable ships that travel around the map
  • Added more monsters tailored to the different environments


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Version v0.0.5-tech-demo-19-g4f71f6e02b06

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